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  2. Kyoto Kaiseki Dinner with Suppon (Soft-Shell Turtle) Delicacy

Kyoto Kaiseki Dinner with Suppon (Soft-Shell Turtle) Delicacy

12,000 yen / per person (service charge & tax incl.)

A message from the Chef

I want to bring joy to people through my cooking – that is my philosophy.

Since I’ve had the opportunity to train at Michelin 2-star restaurants in Osaka and Kobe, I have learned how to delight customers through my cooking. Even when cooking elaborate dishes, I strive to make all of my ingredients ‘jikase’ (in-house) to ensure authenticity in each dishes’ taste.

While English may not be my strength, I believe my forte lies in my ‘smile.’ After all, cooking is about creating happiness with a smile! I look forward to welcoming all of you to dine at my restaurant.


If you want to try something a little unique during your trip to Japan, consider having a kaiseki dinner that consists of suppon. The owner-chef of this restaurant trained for more than a decade at a restaurant specializing in suppon (soft-shelled turtle) nabe (suppon hot pot), and opened his own restaurant in Fushimi, the southern area of Kyoto city, in 2019. Enjoy a traditional Kyoto-style course cuisine, alongside the suppon delicacy in , traditional Japanese architecture that has been renovated in the Taisho-Romantic design. We recommend savoring the chef’s beloved suppon dishes and carefully prepared seasonal flavors with a glass of Japanese sake.


*All images shown are examples and may slightly differ from the menu served.


What is Suppon?

Suppon, a revered Japanese delicacy, is known for its succulent meat and centuries-old culinary tradition. Enjoyed for its delicate flavor and health benefits, suppon (soft-shelled turtle) is often a sought-after dish in luxury restaurants. If you’re looking to experience a unique dish that reflects both the history & diversity found in Japan’s food culture, this is a kaiseki dinner that you won’t want to miss.


Counter Seating
Table Seating
Japanese-style Tatami Seating
Private Rooms


*Irregular Holidays

Additional Information

・No Smoking
・No Children under 16 years of age allowed
・Guests within the same group must order the same course
・Please contact the restaurant directly if you will be more than 15 minutes late. If you are more than 30 minutes late without notice, your reservation may be cancelled and a 100% cancellation will incur.

Restaurant Name




582-1 OmotemachiFushimi Ward, Kyoto, 612-8219