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  2. 10-Course Traditional Yuba Kaiseki Dinner

10-Course Traditional Yuba Kaiseki Dinner

8,900 yen / per person (service charge & tax incl.)

A message from the Chef

I have been studying as a chef for about 40 years with the desire to bring smiles to people’s faces through food. We started in Miyamacho, a small town located deep in the heart of Kyoto, and have a specialty yuba shop where we make fresh yuba daily. We opened our restaurant near Nijo Castle as we wanted to bring our yuba dishes to as many people as possible. We hope that by serving yuba as a specialty in a kaiseki dinner, we can make it more accessible and allow people to taste the full range of possibilities of yuba.


This yuba restaurant is located near the UNSECO World Heritage Site, Nijo Castle. From start to finish, you’ll be able to enjoy a comforting, home-style cooking using only the best yuba and soy milk – all which have been handmade by yuba artisans. Through repeated trial and error, these yuba artisans have stripped away the impurities of soybeans to the finest level, and created a refined, elegant taste with the natural sweetness (umami) of Japanese soybeans. Your kaiseki dinner can be enjoyed alongside wagyu beef, Kyoto duck, dashi fish stock, or be made completely vegetarian.


*All images shown are examples and may slightly differ from the menu served.



Counter Seating9 seats
Table Seating
Japanese-style Tatami Seating
Private Rooms


5PM~9:30PM (Last Entry 7:30PM)

Additional Information

・No Smoking
・Counter seating only. (Children’s seating not available)
・Children of all ages welcome. (Children’s Menu not available)
・Please contact the restaurant directly if you will be more than 15 minutes late. If you are more than 30 minutes late without notice, your reservation may be cancelled and a 100% cancellation will incur.

Restaurant Name

Seike Nijojo 二条城店 (京ゆば処静家 二条城店)



233-4 Daimonjicho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 604-8315

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