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Discover the best restaurants in Japan

Experience an authentic Japanese kaiseki dinner course,
as recommended by locals during your next trip to Japan.
First, select a city that you'll be traveling to. Then, choose a kaiseki dinner course and send a reservation request to reserve a table at one of MACHIYA LOCAL's recommended restaurants!

  1. STEP 1Choose a CityChoose a City
  2. STEP 2Choose a Kaiseki DinnerChoose a Kaiseki Dinner
  3. STEP 3Send a Reservation InquirySend a Reservation Request

STEP 1Choose a City

  • Kyoto City (Kyoto) Kyoto City (Kyoto) Kyoto City Located in Kyoto Prefecture. Savor a number of traditional Japanese kaiseki cuisine in Japan's former capital.
  • Takayama City (Gifu) Kyoto City (Kyoto) Takayama City Located in Gifu Prefecture. A city surrounded by the Japanese Alps, enjoy seasonal mountain vegetables, and surprisingly, some of the freshest sushi in Japan.


What is a 'Kaiseki'?
'Kaiseki' (懐石料理) is a traditional Japanese-style multi-course meal that is usually enjoyed for dinner. As it is a more "luxurious" style of meal, many Japanese people opt for the kaiseki cuisine style for special occasions, celebrations, or large gatherings. With the evolution of 'kaiseki,' these days there are no set rules that must be followed, but the modern kaiseki is still characterized by serving large number of dishes based on seasonal ingredients.
Why do I need to make a reservation in advance? Can I just walk in a restaurant?
To enjoy a kaiseki dinner, you must make a reservation (usually) at least 2 days in advance.
This is because each menu is planned & prepared in according to each reservation. Chefs will often procure ingredients 1 day before or the day of your reservation to ensure that you are able to enjoy the freshest in-seaason ingredients. Preparation for certain dishes even begin 1 or 2 days beforehand to allow flavors to develop & enhance. In addition, advanced reservations are required as each kaiseki meal will usually last about 1.5 hours ~ 2 hours.
Why do I have to pay in advance?
As each chef at MACHIYA LOCAL's recommended restaurants all strive to serve the best in-season ingredients, almost all of your kaiseki dinner course ingredients must be procured in advance, specifically for each reservation.
You'll not only be guaranteed the freshest ingredients, but as each chef will be able to carefully plan each guests' meal, you'll be helping them to deter any unnecessary food loss, too!